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WHATEVER Pakistan’s exiled Prime Minister, Nawaz Sheriff in his book Gaddar Kaun? Nawaz Sheriff Ki Kahani,Unki Zubani has tried to expose the thinking, ideology,philosophy,mindset so on and so forth about the present President of Pakistan—Military Ruler—Pervez Musharraf, could be a news for himself, but not for those who keeps an eye on Pakistan affairs. Being out of power and an effort to come back to Pakistan, throwing every dust on Musharraf and trying to prove himself the victim of Musharraf’s dictatorship. Who doesn’t know that whatever Pakistan is doing or happening in Pakistan, whose mind is behind all this? Nawaz Sheriff himself knows very well that where the shoe pinches. It’s useless to throw dust on one another.
Before blaming Musharraf, Nawaz has forgotten that at the time of Partition in 1947, Pakistan-going Muslims had shouted Hanske Liya Pakistan, Ladke Lenge Hindustan.
Secondly, what his precede Prime Ministers Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and his daughter Benazir Bhutto—now …


Islamic Terrorism On The Retreat

THE September 11, attacks on the USA by Osama Laden led Al Qaida marked the beginning of the era of Islamic terrorism, of which India has been a victim for more than a decade. Pakistan-sponsored terrorists butuchered more than 40,000 innocent lives.
General Zia-ul-Haq, Pakistan’s then President, gave a vicious twist to religious edicts and promoted the idea of fundamentalist terrorism from 1989 onwards. Whether it was Gen.Zia, Benazir Bhutto or Nawaz Sharif, who ruled over Pakistan, the impact of terrorism on Kashmir and the whole of India to some extent remained the same. Even when General, Pervez Musharraf came to Agra for peace talks, he had the audacity to say that the splitting up of Pakistan in 1971 at the instance of India could not be forgotten by Pakistan.
With the arrival of Osama in Afghanistan and his Al Qaida terrorist network with its camps for training Muslim youth from West Asia and South-East Asia, the problem assume more alr\arming dimentions threatening trhe peac…

Musharraf Ko Gussa Kyon Aaya

What made Pakistan’s military ruler Pervez Musharraf to impose ban on Indian celebrity Feroz Khan’s entry in Pakistan? Our secular media flashed the news of the ban on Feroz Khan’ entry into Pakistan but failed to expose what crime did he commit which irked Musharraf? Believe it or not—at times—our media is following the footsteps of our politicians by adopting the appeasement policy.
Musharraf did not like what Feroz Khan expressed on Pakistan soil where he had gone in connection with the release of the Bollywood picture Taj Mahal, directed by his brother Akbar Khan.
The fact is that in his speech at a gathering of Pakistan’s elites, Feroz Khan told his co-religionists that the lot of Indian Muslims is better than that of the Muslims in Pakistan. He said that “India is a secular nation with a Muslim President and a Sikh Prime Minister.”
Feroz told the Pakistani audience that Indian Muslims were making phenomenal economic progress while Muslims in Pakistan were riven with sectarian strif…

What's Wrong with Indian Muslims?

WHAT is the matter with Muslims in the Indian sub-continent? In addition, when one 1speaks of the sub-continent one includes under that rubric all three countries--- India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. One had hoped that once Pakistan was conceded Muslims who decided to say on in India would learn to live in peace with the non-Muslims majority. Any Muslim who felt that he was being oppressed had total freedom to leave India and migrate to Pakistan. On the other hand, for that matter to Bangladesh. Nevertheless, what is happening?
On the contrary, Pakistani and Bangladeshi jihadists are sneaking into India and are apparently being given shelter by Indian Muslims.Admittedly; their number is minuscule. The majority of Muslims are totally opposed to any form of terrorism being practiced against Indian targets. The tragedy is that because of an insignificantly small number of Muslims who are giving shelter to Pakistani and Bangladeshi terrorists, not only Muslims as a community, but also Isl…


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