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Exchange of Fake secularism with terrorism of Pakistan

Pakistani dictators developed terrorism to take revenge on India . America tolerated and blessed terrorism through Pakistan for its own interest. Pakistan became heaven for terrorist. Situation after 9/11 changed. Fake secularism of Indo-US-UK and terrorism of Pakistan are fraud. Now there is an exchange of these between them. Involvement of Indian doctors in Glasgow terror plot, Muslim quota in Andhra SIMI with ULFA indicate that what type of barter system is going on with Pakistan whose army has surrounded Lal Masjid.

Does Al-Qaeda’s new video tape link with Glagow terror plot?
Media reports that they are the soldiers of Al-Qaeda army.
After this foiled terror plot CAIRO , Egypt - Al-Qaeda’s No. 2 has issued a new video telling Muslims that if they are not ready for jihad, “May Allah pluck your eye out.” Zawahri lashed out at Egypt and Saudi Arabia for supporting the “Zionist Crusade led by America ” in the Middle East . Timing of this video indicates that there is a link of Al Qaeda…

TELANGANA:Exposing politicians' ill-intentions

AS the nation once again grapples with the issue of reorganization of states, B.R.Ambedkar’s book Thoughts on Linguistic States written in 1955 need an urgent reading to realise the root cause of the problem. His ideas were proved right and his assessment of the creation of new states in the federal polity is relevant in post-Independent India.
How opportunist and vote-bank hungry could our leaders be, is beyond anybody’s mind. They picked up Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar’s reservation—just for their own motive and purpose, not for the betterment of any community—which he had demanded for just 10 years i.e. for only one decade,not for the decades to come. But have forgotten his recommendations in the report of State Reorganisation Commission in 1955. Our leaders, whichever party they belong, are using reservation just to get power not the upliftment of downtrodden, either they are Scheduled Caste/Tribe or Tribal. So many political parties—for the sake of Scheduled Caste/Tribes, backward…


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