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THE timeless lesson from Churchill for free people in a democracy is to remain wary of political correctness, to be vigilant about those who envy or threaten freedom, and to think about politics geopolitically.

Since independence, congress and all other political parties who came to power played vote Bank politics by appeasing minorities at the cost of Hindus. Even BJP was no exception of this rule. See the details how the congress party has appeased minorities since independence.

The Indian Government, starting from secularism has steadily gone towards Minority appeasement. Finally, it appears to have settled in an anti-Hindu drive. The future of 85% of the population of India (Hindus) is bleak unless the present Government is replaced by a truly secular government. Will the majority wake up now at least?

It has become fashionable to use the word "Secularism" these days. But the reality is that it is the most abused word. Several people mean and interpret this word differently…


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