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Caste and Politics

POLITICS has overshadowed social justice, with more and more layers of the reservation onion likely to be unpeeled. The increasing demands for a job quota under the OBC category, for the inclusion of the Gujjars in Rajasthan among the Scheduled Tribes and its opposition by the Meenas form part of this trend. Except for demands for the inclusion of converts to Islam and Christianity, there is little to contest in the SC and ST reservation. Indeed the sub-categorisation of the SCs is a thorny issue, but it does not render the original reservation scheme a matter of controversy.
However, new issues such as caste enumeration in the census have sharpened the case for OBC reservation. The strategy is to compel the government to reserve jobs on the basis of caste rather than backwardness. In 1990, the Mandal report was viewed as a programme of social justice. In two decades, it has turned out to be a blatant and expedient use of caste by leaders and parties. They are doing this under the pr…

Gender Equality as not seen in the text books of various states

EDUCATION is a thought provoking and unprejudicial discernment generating process that brings out desired change in human beings. To give definite direction to the educational process ten core principles or values have been decided in the National Policy for Education and these values are not separate or free from each other, they are inter related and inter dependent. This point requires more clarification, for example if we do not practise gender equality then can we say that we follow civility, sensitivity, scientific temper and dignity of labour in true sense?
This means education should inculcate all the values. But for this the education system should involve various elements of the society like teacher, government, parents, experts and students etc. Among all these elements Text Book is an important inanimate element that awakens consciousness effectively.
The textbooks should have value added lessons. The lessons are created and structured in such a way that they become value ad…


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