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Grave sins of Congress are driving India to doom!

Highest sins of the Congress which is taking the country to Hell and of all political parties who are doing nothing about it but just letting that happen !
INDIA and Hindus have suffered enormous and irreparable damage during the 125 years of history of the Congress owing to the terrible mistakes and sins committed by the party. Most of the political parties have been just watching indifferently these unpardonable sins with the attitude like ‘Dhrutarashtra – Gandhari’ and therefore, we no more want the charade of democratic rule. We need ‘Divine Rule’ which will treat the citizens like in a patriarchal family. We are publishing a list of the highest sins committed by the Congress everyday so that everybody gets ready to bring in such ideal rule.
Sin related to appeasement of separatist Muslims: The pro-Muslim Congress rulers at the Centre, who are trying to appease anti-national separatists from Jammu and Kashmir for the past two decades instead of taking stringent action against them a…

My wives may be Hindu but my kids will always follow only Islam: Aamir Khan

Know more about Love Jihad
O Hindu women, why do you fall prey into the 'Love Net' of the Muslims? Many Khans in Bollywood had married Hindu girls and then later they divorced them. There children practice only Islam and not Hindu Dharma. This is the case of many Hindu women who had fallen prey to Muslim lovers and has become victims of 'Love Jihad' and now they are living their life more worse than the hell !

Aamir Hussain Khan hails from a typically staunch, conservative and orthodox Muslim family originating from the Khan clan of Peshawar. Belonging to the Shia clan he has never hidden the fact that right from childhood he was quite liberal minded and moreover a rebel person at heart.
He has always made it very clear that more than believing in and having total faith in Islamic religion he has always and completely reposed his faith in 'Allah' (God), the one and only supreme power of the entire universe.
While his friends insist that he is not anti-religio…

Heart rending Love Jihad statistics from God's own Country

This is happening in Bharat not in any Middle East country or Pakistan or Bangladesh.

Parents in Kerala suffer from extreme anxiety and fear from the time their young daughters leave home for school or college till she is back home. Official statistics say that about 8 girls are reported missing under suspicious circumstances everyday in Kerala and this is the reason for their growing anxiety and fear.
Based on the statistics of the Crime Record Bureau of Kerala Police, Kochi's National University of Advanced Legal Studies carried out a study in which it was found that the number of girls missing from Kerala was 2167 in 2007 and 2530 in 2008. The police or other investigative agencies have no information regarding nearly 600 out of these girls. The actual number may be much more taking into consideration the fact that these are the statistics of only the cases that have been registered.
Many of the cases are those of couples falling in love, then eloping and marrying, but inf…

Why a Hindu (or non-Muslim) Girl Must Think Thrice before Marrying a Muslim

IN my article, Why a Hindu (or a non-Muslim) Girl Must not Marry a Muslim, I have explained why it is not wise for Hindu girls to convert to Islam and marry Muslims. In this article, I outline a few unfortunate-to-tragic incidents of Hindu girls, who converted to Islam to marry their Muslim lovers, which will warrant thinking thrice for Hindu girls before converting and marrying Muslims...
The Story of Sabra (or Chhabera) Begum
Saraswati (21), daughter of Nageswar Das of the village Hatiara, under the police station Rajarhat in North 24-Parganas, converted to Islam by a court affidavit on 1 April 1997, took the Muslim name Sabra Begum, and married Muhammad Mirajuddin, a Muslim. Hardly after 6 years, on December 2, 2003, Mirajuddin divorced her by oral talaq (i.e. by uttering the word ‘talaq’ thrice). On the same day, his advocate Jafar Nawab of Calcutta High Court sent the copy of the court papers regarding the decree of divorce (No. 786/475/2003 dt. 2.12.03) to Sabra Begum. In the mean…

Islamic lust for Hindu Women: Psychological Warfare

INDIA-Pakistan one-day cricket match is something more than just a match. It is clash of egos, ideas ( and sometimes brickbats also ). Now and then certain things happen to certain people which they will regret for a lifetime, even to those who have lots and lots of control over their emotions i.e. professional actors like Shah Rukh Khan : in heat of the moment the thin mask of secularity slips off and for a spilt-second a keen observer is able to see the ugly face of Islamic supremacy. This happened when he tried to defend his co-religionist Shoaib Malik’s cliché of apologising to the pan-Islamic world for failing to defeat the Indians. Instead of denouncing him he went ahead to justify his co-religionist’s dumb remark.
It was only after walking a few steps with him did he realise his mistake : he and Shoaib are not in same position – while Shoaib is sitting far out from the reach of the secular India and is free to do his Islamic acrobatics, Shah Rukh depends upon the Indians and …


Is dharti par paida hokar bhi kyu tum videsho me jaakar bas jaate ho,apne desh ko bhoolkar angrezo ki seva karaate ho,kya isi ko tum sapno ka bharat batate ho.gandhi,subhash ne dilai azzadi humko fir bhi alexander ko great batate ho,shahjahan ne banaya taj mahal to kyu statue of liberty ko dekhte reh jaate ho,kya isi ko tum sapno ka bharat batate ho.baal hanuman tha sabse pyaara fir kyu harry porter ko sunder batate ho,angrezi school me padkar hindi bolne se lajjit ho jate ho,kya isi ko tum sapno ka bharat batate ho.mana desh ke neta chor hai par tum khud ko kyu baimaan banaate ho,kyu tum garibo ko maarkar ameero ke pair chaatte ho,kya isi ko tum sapno ka bharat batate ho.tum shakespeare ke noble ko shreshth batate ho
kya rabrindanath ki kavitao me koi khoth paate ho,jab kayi mahapurush hai hamaare paas to kyu james bond ke gun gaate ho,gandhi,subhash,nehru,bhagat ne dekha tha ek sapna azaad bharat ka tokyu ise partantra banate ho kaun dega fir se kurbani jab tum hi angrezi ke gun gaat…


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