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BJP has ideological, personal issues: Wikileaks

Wikileaks has revealed how the US embassy in India noted that the BJP was facing crises of political ideology and personal enmity as RSS exerted its influence on India’s principal opposition party.

New Delhi: The latest WikiLeaks cache of secret US cables contains a labyrinth of information on a leadership tussle in the BJP and the RSS's stifling control over the party.

From L.K. Advani's controversial comments on Pakistan founder Mohammed Ali Jinnah's "secular" credentials that cost him his job to successor Rajnath Singh, to dropping PM-contender Narendra Modi from the party's crucial parliamentary board, the US charge d' affairs and other officials cited several instances of intraparty feuds from 2005 to 2007.

The US cables use the hounding of Advani after his Pakistan sojourn as an instance of the RSS's ideological control over the BJP.

Advani announced his resignation as BJP president in the party's national executive in Chennai in September 2…

'PM' Narendra Modi? US takes note

US embassy cables, outed by whistle-blower website Wikileaks, analyse how Narendra Modi could be a strong prime ministerial candidate.

New Delhi: Gujarat CM Narendra Modi is positioning himself for a bigger role on the national stage after making a solid base in the state, according to WikiLeaks.

US embassy cables, many of them uploaded earlier this week, talk about Modi and his rise in stature in the BJP.

The US embassy in New Delhi makes a detailed analysis of the CM in several cables that were sent back home.

"Modi is using his strong base in Gujarat to position himself for the BJP power struggle and to crow about Gujarat's investment-friendly (but certainly not minorityfriendly) record," one of the cables says.

Another assessment was that Modi could be the most popular BJP leader and a PM candidate. "Anecdotal evidence suggests… Modi could be the most popular leader in the BJP and there is increasing momentum to make him the party figurehead and next choice of…


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