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Humanity Assassinated: Ethnic Cleansing of Minorities in Islamic Bangladesh

Sunday, 12 July 2009 07:20 Sujit Das

A horror picture of sufferings, persecution and ethnic-cleansing of Hindus and other minorities in moderate Islamic Bangladesh... [warning: some grusome images inside!!]
"The dead, it is said, do not live to tell the tale, but this is not true in ethnic cleansing. The dead do tell the tale; it is the living who are reluctant to speak." -- Horowitz, 2001, p. 224
We now know the Holocaust of the Jews, Hitler’s “Final Solution of the Jewish Question”, which is written in history with human blood. The “Final Solution” of some kind of a different by murderers of different religious belief in a country has been occurring over the last four decades. I am talking about the ethnic cleansing of the Hindus in Bangladesh. And yes, as Horowitz said, listen carefully to every dead human. Each one of them has a tragic story to tell; pay attention and you will hear an unmistakable whisper in their silence, the stories…


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