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Arvind Kejriwal Blames Everything On Middlemen

100 days vs the year’s 365 days1 and this is where we are, our PM Narendra Modiand CM Arvind Kejriwal in their speech blame “middlemen” for the country’s poor development. They insist the real crooks will be caught and put behind bars, where they belong! While both stand for the poor Indian, ‘how’ does this entire blame game need to be explored or dealt with? Everything continues with no clear steps to expose corrupt middlemen and their rising numbers. What are the changes made by Modi Sarkar & AK-67 to stop or to arrest them? It makes one wonder whether our leaders are now players of a favoured development with a new neutral yet unfair system. Who are these Middlemen? Let us pause to take a look at a few tainted agents who pose as ‘middlemen’, the ones who are eating off the hard earned savings of The Common Man. 2G, 3G, Coalgate, CWG, Mosanto, Damad Scam, Purti…the list is endless. These are only names. The contest now is all about who gets the credit when the crooks are exposed? Bo…

Murdered student leader warned police she feared for her life over TWO MONTHS AGO

Asma Javed, 28, the former Aligarh Muslim University Students’ Union leader, who was found killed on Wednesday night, told police two-and-a-half-months ago that the son of a restaurant owner in the city was planning to kill her.  She told the police that Mallik Mohammad Akram’s men had attacked her on the AMU campus with criminal intention.  However, the police didn’t take the complaint seriously because despite registering a case of sexual exploitation against Akram in January 2015, she had done a U-turn in front of a magistrate.  She had then said that she didn’t want to pursue the case because Akram had agreed to marry her.  She again registered a complaint with the police after a few days and said that she was forced to withdraw the case against him under pressure.  Meanwhile, her elder brother Salman Javed told the police on Thursday that Akram had taken Rs 1 lakh from his sister and was refusing to return the money.  Salman said: “We are sure that he killed her because he was after he…

Root cause of AMU's sexism problem: Every issue is linked to Islam

By Ehtasham Khan Aligarh Muslim University Vice Chancellor Lieutenant General (Retd) Zameeruddin Shah is anything but a Talibani. He was the second in command in the Indian Army which is known for its secularism and liberalism. Shah is the elder brother of actor Naseeruddin Shah, also an AMU graduate, who is himself an institution of liberal ideas. In his recent Bollywood venture Dedh Ishqiya, an aged Naseeruddin falls in love with a charming Begum Para and describes the seven stages of ishq to attain enlightenment. Taking a cue from the movie, is the Vice Chancellor scared that all his male pupils will fall in love with their female counterparts if they visit the library together? Not really. A file photo of the Aligarh Muslim University. Ibnlive Why then does Zameeruddin Shah believe that all male students will flock to the Maulana Azad Library if girl students are allowed entry to one of finest libraries in the country? Shah's comment suggests women are actually a commodity to …

A Clash Of Thinking At Aligarh Muslim University

Professor’s new outline on ‘Madrassa’Waseem Raja of history department commented on madrassas that they are “dens of vice and homosexuality“. He is alleged to have Whatsapped in a group,”We want removal of madarsa… Where homo sexuality is rampant…Maulanas are part of it”
Dis-approvals that arose The controversial comment reached every ears of AMU to induce clamor in the college. One of them said: “People like you spoil the name of the university. God has given you reason, so think before speaking.” Another said “You have constitutional rights to express (your views), but don’t defame (madrassas) without verifying facts first. This is prejudice, not logic, and will weaken the community, not strengthen.” Mustafa Zaidi, AMUTA secretary, said the professor should have “calculated” what to say. “Such statements can be misconstrued and can result in anger,” he said, adding, “If he said so in the first place.” Rashid Shaz, director of AMU Bridge Course that deals with madrassa students, cond…

Don’t delay appeal, Karnataka told

Karnataka Advocate-General Ravivarma Kumar on Friday cautioned the State government that it would be a “great travesty of justice” to allow the High Court’s acquittal of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa in the disproportionate assets (DA) case to become “final” by not appealing against it in the Supreme Court. Key issues: 1Karnataka Advocate-General says it is incumbent upon the State to appeal against HC ruling.2Karnataka has Constitutional right as sole prosecutor to file appeal.3State has powers to appoint Special Counsel.4State asked to appoint senior advocate B.V. Acharya as Special Counsel.5Failure to file appeal will be betrayal of SC's trust in Karnataka. The State, sitting in the seat of sole prosecutor and having earned an order of conviction in the trial court, had to file the appeal as the High Court verdict was “unsustainable,” he said, in response to the two clarifications sought by the Law Department. High reputation The Supreme Court, the A-G pointed out, while …

Maggi goes off menu, Nestle gears up for damage control

All hands are on deck at as it grapples with possibly its biggest crisis in three decades. Maggi, India's best known comfort food after staples such as rice, dal and wheat, has been on a downward sales spiral after the Food & Drugs Administration of Uttar Pradesh said it contained lead and(MSG) beyond the permissible limit.

Since then, three state governments - Maharashtra, Gujarat and Karnataka - have said they too will test samples of the product, which gives Nestle India almost 30 per cent of its revenues. The central government has said it will look into the matter and so will the country's apex food regulator, the Food Safety & Standards Authority of India.

sales are estimated to have been hit severely since the news of the contamination broke out ten days ago. Some retailers say there has been a 5-10 per cent drop, while others put it to as high as 35-40 per cent. Most of this fall has been in organised retail - a key channe…

2G: Big claim in tell all book

PlaySeek Back 5 SecondsSeek Forward 5 SecondsVolume UpVolume DownMuteNext VideoOpen Hotkey Menu 2G: Big claim in tell all book In a self-published tell-all book, former Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) Chairman Pradip Baijal has alleged that former Prime Minister Manmohan …